10 amazing things to do on Ameland, the Netherlands

Ameland is one of the peninsulas of the Netherlands. It is a wonderful place to unwind while reading a book during your vacation, but there are also definitely fun things to do on the island! In this blog we have listed 10 amazing things to do on Ameland.

#1 Rent a bike

Ameland is a perfect island to explore by bike. Although driving a car is allowed on this peninsula, it’s much more fun to cycle through the dunes and along the shortcuts! Rent a bike in Nes and get out and about.

#2 Climb the lighthouse

Ameland’s lighthouse can be found near Hollum. It is possible, for a fee, to climb the lighthouse. Once at the top, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the island. Next to the lighthouse is a pancake restaurant, so you can grab a bite to eat right away!

#3 Walk through the dunes

Take a lovely walk through the dunes. You walk here nicely out of the wind and can enjoy the beautiful dune landscape. You will also see a wide variety of birds flying around! You can also take a look at the bird hide, this is a hut from which you overlook a nice little lake!

#4 Visit the cozy center of Nes

Although Ameland is not very big, the town of Nes has a nice and cozy center. You’ll find several restaurants, stores, a bookstore and even an arcade for the kids! Definitely worth a visit.

#5 Go on a seal excursion with the Seal Boat

One of the highlights of this island is the opportunity to see seals. You sail from the harbor at Nes with the Seal Boat a bit off the land. Chances are you will get to see a large group of seals!

seal, howler, sad-1995811.jpg

#6 Go mudflat hiking

A very well-known phenomenon on the peninsulas: mudflat hiking. Accompanied by a guide, it is possible to walk a stretch through the sea during low tide. A unique experience!

#7 Take a walk on the beach

Ameland has wonderful beaches to take a nice evening walk on, but it is also great during the day to walk along the beautiful coast of the Netherlands with your feet in the sand.

#8 Seating at a beach bar

Need to unwind and enjoy good food and drinks? Then go to one of the lovely beach bars on the island, for example at the beach entrance at Hollum (near the lighthouse)!

#9 Enjoy a beautiful sunset

The island is also great for watching beautiful sunsets. For this it is best to be on the beach, you can see the sun sink beautifully into the sea on clear days. Fantastic right!

#10 Visit the very tip of the island

Go by bike or car towards the extreme tip of the island; the Oerd. From here you can have a beautiful view of the island and the sea; on clear days you can also see the mainland! In addition, it is a wonderful place to watch the migratory birds flying overhead.