10 amazing things to see in South Africa

South Africa is a very popular vacation destination. Many tourists annually visit the beautiful cities, historical sites and of course go on safari to look for the Big Five. In this blog you will read about the most beautiful things to see in South Africa. Have fun reading!

#1 Johannesburg

With a population of more than 3 million, it is the largest city in South Africa. In the last century, the Apartheid regime had a huge impact on the city. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit the Apartheid Museum. Here you will learn a lot about the history of this beautiful city. Furthermore, see the beautiful buildings in the city or take a bike ride through Soweto. Watch out: for most tourists, Johannesburg is not a safe place to visit on their own. If you want to visit this city, make sure you will always be guided by a local tour guide.

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#2 Cape Town
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#3 Tsitsikamma
#4 Drakensberg Mountains

On the border with Lesotho you will find the Drakensberg Mountains. These are the highest mountains in South Africa with heights of up to 3,500 meters. During your hike up you will encounter, among other things, the second highest waterfall in the world! The water here clatters off a rock about 1000 meters high. This waterfall is called the Tugela Falls. For the hike up to the waterfall, you need a pretty good condition since it’s not an easy hike. Make sure you are well-prepared before starting this adventure, or book a tour with one of the local guides!
One of the most stunning things to see around Drakensbergen, is the Blyde River Canyon. Some people even dare to say that this canyon is one of the nicest on earth. We will let you decide that by yourself, but fact is that the crystal clear water running through this canyon is absolutely stunning. It’s one of the greatest things to see in South Africa.

#5 Hermanus

Always wanted to spot whales? This is the chance! Near the town of Hermanus, which is easily accessible via Cape Town, you have a great chance to spot whales. The whales come to the quiet bay in South Africa to give birth to their calves. The greatest chance to spot the whales is between July and October. When you are visiting the country in this period, it is one of the absolute top things to see in South Africa.

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#6 Panorama Route

Driving through South Africa, this route is not to be missed. This is a car route that totals 180 kilometers and is known for its breathtaking views of the Blyde River Canyon, among others. Out of all things to see in South Africa, this is something you really can’t skip. The views over the canyons and other landscapes are truly phenomenal. Very recommended to drive this route!

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#7 Kruger National Park
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#8 Stellenbosch

This is the wine region of South Africa, you will find countless vineyards here and it is also possible to do a wine tasting in many places! Definitely a must for wine lovers, but even if you are not so fond of wine, it is wonderful to drive past all the vineyards.

#9 Robben Island

One of the most popular things to see in South Africa! This prison island is located off the coast of Cape Town. The most famous inmate of this prison is Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid fighter was captured in 1963 and sent to Robben Island. Nowadays, ex-prisoners give tours of the complex to tell people about the events on the island from their own experience. Very interesting!

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#10 Knysna

This small coastal town is known for its tranquility and conviviality. In the streets of Knysna you will find mainly many restaurants, stores and small hotels. This used to be a dangerous port town, but thankfully that is no longer the case. It is an ideal place to unwind during your trip through South Africa.