10 amazing things to see when visiting Jordan

Jordan has a rich history and beautiful nature. Consider visiting the wonder of the world Petra, the desert landscape and float on the Dead Sea. There are many beautiful ancient temples, ruins and cities to visit. In this blog you can read about 10 amazing things to see when visiting Jordan.

#1 Amman

Amman is the capital of Jordan with a rich history. There is a Citadel to visit in the capital located on the highest hill in Amman. There are also impressive ruins such as the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace.

citadel hill, amman, jordan-2971.jpg

#2 Wadi Rum Desert

The Wadi Rum desert has a lunar landscape which is best explored by taking a 4WD jeep tour. The desert has an area of 720 square kilometres. This colorful desert consists of endless expanses of orange sand and beautiful rock formations. In the desert it is possible to spend the night in the tent camp of the nomads, the itinerant Bedouins who live in the desert.

wadi rum, jordan, desert-1633051.jpg

#3 Jerash

In Jerash it is possible to get a good impression of how the Romans used to live. This historic city is one of the best preserved Roman ruins. The theater and remains of churches and temples can be admired here. In addition, the giant Temple of Artemis can be seen from anywhere in this city.

artemis temple, pretty much, jerash-2944.jpg

#4 The Dead Sea

Everyone has heard of it: the Dead Sea. The name is due to the fact that there are no fish or other animals living in the water at all. It is a special natural phenomenon because the warm climate makes the water evaporate, leaving behind a large amount of salt (salinity of 33%). On this water, this amount of salt makes you float without difficulty. The warm water here is sometimes up to 30 degrees, so it is a wonderfully soothing experience. The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world, as it is located 430 meters below sea level.

dead sea, amman, jordan-3655061.jpg

#5 Petra

Petra is the seventh wonder of the world. This is a thousand-year-old city located behind a rocky mountain range in the middle of the desert. There are houses, tombs and temples carved out of the rock here. It is a beautiful place.

petra, jordan, monument-4945669.jpg

#6 Aqaba

Aqaba is the only coastal town in the country and is located all the way in the far south. Going snorkeling or diving here is especially impressive because of the rich underwater world. Thus, you can spot many fish and other underwater animals, as well as admire the beautiful coral.

underwater, sea, fishes-123282.jpg

#7 Dana

Dana is a 15th century village that has sand-colored houses. Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in the country with sand dunes, mountain peaks and intervening valleys.

#8 Madaba

Madaba is home to many churches and mosques. There are many wall and rugs made here by the Bedouins that provide decoration.The city is known for its surviving mosaics from the 4th to 15th centuries. The most famous mosaic can be admired in St. George’s Church.

#9 Mount Nebo

817 meters above sea level is Mount Nebo. From here you have a magnificent viewpoint over the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley and Jericho. On clear days, even Jerusalem can be seen. On its summit, the Moses Church has stood here since the 4th century.

#10 Wadi Mujib

This is a beautiful valley, 410 meters below sea level. The colorful gorges here are filled with water, so there are unforgettable hikes here where you will also climb and swim at most of them.