10 amazing tips for a fantastic time in Yucatán

#1 Rent a car to visit some unknown places

Of course you are able to travel through Yucatán by public transport, especially when you are travelling low-budget. But renting a car in Yucatán gives you a lot of freedom to go and explore some amazing places, which you are not able to reach with public transport.

#2 Be careful with eating at a local food-stand

Although eating at a local food-stand can seem very interesting, not all local food-stands are very hygienic. Try and look at reviews online before deciding where to eat, to make sure you won’t get ill on your vacation!

#3 Visit Palenque
toucan bird in Mexico

There are a lot of Mayan temples in this part of Mexico, but the Mayan temple in Palenque are quite different. This temple is located in the middle of the jungle. When you are on top of this temple, you have an amazing view over the jungle of Palenque!

#4 Set your alarm early when visiting the Mayan temples

Yucatán is a very touristic region in Mexico, so when visiting Mayan temples like Chichén-Itzá, make sure to set your alarm early. By visiting the temples early, you can see a lot more of these iconic temples!

mexico, palenque, maya-3776825.jpg

#5 Take a dive into a cenote

A cenote is a water feature that is partly in a cave. Yucatán is one of the only places in the world where you can find these amazing places. When close to it, cenote Dos Ojos is highly recommended to take a dive in. It is known for its breathtaking underwater world.

jungle, water, sea-868966.jpg

#6 Don’t order nacho’s

Everyone thinks about it when you mention Mexican food; nacho’s. Why don’t order them? Well, in most of the restaurants, they will give you nacho’s as an appetizer for free, so you don’t have to order nacho’s yourself!

#7 Visit Laguna Bacalar

This lake has a lot of different colors of blue, which gives a great view. You can sail over the lake, but canoeing or kayaking is also an option. Make sure to visit this wonderful lake!

#8 Snorkel with sea turtles in Akumal
turtle, sea, underwater-1202692.jpg

The largest population of sea turtles lives in Mexico. These sea turtles are good to spot at Akumal, a place near Tulum. Akumal Bay is a protected nature reserve, so you can only swim with these sea turtles under supervision of a local guide. 

#9 Swim with giant whale sharks near Isla Holbox

It may sound scary (and of course it is scary a bit), but it is possible to swim with whale sharks near Isla Holbox. These are the biggest fish in the world, which can be up to 12 metres long. The whale shark season is from May until September. Be quick with booking this activity, because it is sold out very soon!

#10 Visit museum Punta Nizuc