10 great things to see in Kristiansand

Kristiansand is a city and municipality in Norway. From early April 2022 it was possible to make an overnight ferry crossing from Eemshaven in the Netherlands to Kristiansand in Norway by Holland Norway Lines. We did this in November 2022 and spent a whole day in Kristiansand. We will share below things to see in Kristiansand! This is not only fun as a small city trip to get an impression of Norway, but also fun as a city to visit when traveling in Norway.

Important to know:

– Kristiansand is not a big city. 

You can get an impression of the city just fine in one day. If you go to a museum, for example, you will need a little longer here. Therefore, do not expect too much from this city. It is a nice Norwegian town to get an impression of Norway.

– The ferry no longer departs from the Netherlands

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to make the ferry crossing from Eemshaven in the Netherlands to Kristiansand in Norway. However, there is also good news, because just across the border near Groningen, not very much further than Eemshaven, the Ferry now sails from Germany to the Norwegian port of Kristiansand!

– The stores are closed on Sundays

Unfortunately, stores in Norway are generally closed on Sundays. So this is also true in Kristiansand. It is therefore less pleasant to be here on Sundays because there is not much to do. The fish hall at the fish market is also closed on Sundays. In short, if you want to or are going to Kristiansand, it is advisable to do this on another day of the week.

#1 Fiskebrygga

Fiskebrygga is Kristiansand’s tourist attraction. It is an old fishing port with bridges and, of course, many red and yellow colored buildings. You can find restaurants and stores in old warehouses here. Furthermore, you can buy fresh fish as a fish lover. It’s definitely worth taking a look here or sitting on the terrace if the weather is good. 

#2 Downtown shopping

Kristiansand has a nice city center where you can eat or drink something in one of the nice restaurants or in a café. It is pricey to enjoy a drink on a terrace here, but Norway is a fairly expensive country anyway. There are well-known stores, local stores, nice bakeries and coffee shops here. In conclusion, it is definitely worth taking a stroll through the downtown area. 

#3 Dyreparken (zoo and amusement park in one)

For tourists spending a little longer in Kristiansand than one day, visiting Dyreparken is a fun activity. Located 11 kilometers from Kristiansand, the park is one of Norway’s best-visited attractions. There are more than a hundred different species of animals to view here with natural enclosures. One part represents the “Norwegian wilderness” with native animals such as Arctic foxes, moose, lynxes and wolves. It is especially fun for children because in this amusement park you can find rides, meet pirates and visit a haunted house. Additionally, from mid-May to mid-September, on warm days, you can go to the Waterpark Badelandet with many different pools and water slides. You do need to buy a separate ticket for this. 

#4 Posebyen

Posebyen is an area where you can take a lovely walk between the Norwegian white houses. Posebyen is Kristiansand’s old town and is the only part left after a major fire in 1892. One of the oldest buildings is the former post office from 1695. The Posebyen district is located on the Otra River where you can also see a lot of coloured Norwegian houses. 

#5 Oderrøya

From Kristiansand you can easily reach Oderrøya, a small island off the coast, via four bridges. You can bike, hike and see remnants of military history here. The naval base was located here from 1667 to 1999. You can still find remnants such as a fort, cannons, an old hospital and old ramparts. There is a 3-kilometer-long walking trail with great views of the city and a lighthouse. 

#6 Cathedral of Kristiansand

#7 City Beach Bystranda

A few minutes’ walk from the center is a beautiful city beach. It is a beautiful sandy beach 270 meters long. There are palm trees, a swimming jetty and a sun deck. Children can play here in the playground, go to the skate park or play beach volleyball on the court. The sea is calm here, so on a warm day you can swim here as well.

#8 Baneheia

This is a landscaped recreational area with many different hiking trails. There are light, strenuous and cultural routes, as well as routes for the disabled. You can swim, fish, bird watch at one of the many vantage points and enjoy the flora and fauna in this area. Of course you can find a red Norwegian house here as well!

#9 Ravnedalen Park

Baneheia is connected to the Ravnedalen park. This nature reserve is known for its lakes and moors. This is also a beautiful park where you can enjoy hiking.

#10 Lille Preikestolen