10 interesting things to see in Berlin during a citytrip

Would you like to go on a city trip to Berlin? Germany’s capital city has a lot to offer, both in terms of sights and activities. Read about it in this blog about 10 interesting things to see in Berlin during a citytrip!

#1 Brandenburger Tor

Visit one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks: the Brandenburger Tor. This is the only remaining city gate in Berlin, traditionally it was the city boundary of the center. Today, the gate is mostly a symbol of German unity. It is an imposing building with a lot of history, definitely worth a visit.

brandenburg gate, berlin, landmark-90946.jpg

#2 The Reichstag

The history of this building, which houses Germany’s current parliament, is fraught. Fire broke out in the building in 1933, after which Hitler declared a state of emergency and was able to greatly expand his power. Supposedly the fire was set, but no definitive proof of this has ever come out. Beyond this rich history, it is above all a beautiful building to visit during your city break in Berlin.

reichstag building, parliament, berlin-2838571.jpg

#3 Holocaust Memorial 

In the center of Berlin you will find a special and impressive memorial to the persecution of Jews during World War II. There are 2710 concrete blocks that, according to the architect, symbolize the disorientation and isolation of Jews during World War II. A very impressive monument!

memorial, holocaust, judendenkmal-937396.jpg

#4 Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is a very famous checkpoint that dates back to the time of the division between East and West Berlin. The only way to get from West Berlin to East Berlin was through the Checkpoint Charlie checkpoint. This was the third and last checkpoint that people had to pass through to reach the other side of the city.

checkpoint charlie, berlin, germany-4394712.jpg

#5 The Berlin Wall

Obviously the highlight of Berlin is the Berlin Wall. Throughout the city white paint indicates where the Wall, which fell in 1989, stood. Some parts of the Wall have also remained standing, so here you can see the original wall as a tourist! Definitely worth seeing during your citytrip in Berlin.

bernauer straße, construction of the wall, 13 august 1961-113173.jpg

#6 Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Perhaps a somewhat fraught outing for a city trip, but a must-do for those interested in German history: a tour of Sachsenhausen concentration camp. This concentration camp near Berlin, was one of the first concentration camps of the Third Reich. Official guides will give you a tour of the impressive complex here.

auschwitz, concentration camp, birkenau-4626601.jpg

#7 Museums

Visit one of Berlin’s interesting museums, such as the GDR Museum or the Neues Museum. In these museums you will find plenty of interesting information about the history of this contemporary metropolis. Both about World War II and the time of the Berlin Wall, there is plenty to find in the many museums. In the Neues museum, in particular, there are many archaeological collections! History lovers will come into their own in Berlin.

#8 Do a guided walking tour

Because of the city’s rich history, there are many opportunities for guided walking tours. For example, walk with a guide who will tell you about the last days of World War II. He will show you all the important places and talk about all the details of those last few days.

#9 Berlin Cathedral

This is one of the most important churches in Berlin, construction took place between 1747 and 1750. By the way, the cathedral that stands there now is not the original one, but definitely worth visiting because of its beautiful architecture.

berlin cathedral, cathedral, dome-7267774.jpg

#10 Christmas Market

Are you on a city trip in Berlin around Christmas? Then definitely visit one of the Christmas markets in the city. Berlin has about 70 different Christmas markets around Christmas time, so the city is all about the holidays. Enormous fun to pick up local culture at one of these Christmas markets, and don’t forget to order Bratwurst or Currywurst!

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