How to save money on a citytrip?

Everyone of course wants to save money on a city trip. But how do you actually do that? In this blog we give you 10 tips to save money on a city trip. We always use these tips ourselves and find that it saves a lot of money, hopefully you can save money too!

#1 Travel with a backpack

When you travel, you often take a suitcase with you. However, especially on cheaper flights, it is quite expensive to add a suitcase. The cost can be as much as about €50 per person. However, are you going on a city trip for 3-5 days? Then it is quite possible to travel with just a backpack! It’s included in your flight and won’t cost you any money. Especially if you are going to a sunny destination, it is quite possible to bring just t-shirts and shorts. Going to a slightly colder destination? Then make sure you have a vest on your flight that you can wear over your t-shirts during your city break. That way the vest won’t take up space in your backpack, but you’ll still be nice and warm at your vacation destination!

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#2 Use comparison sites
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#3 Use Groupon
save money

#4 Youth discount

This tip is especially for younger website visitors: look for discounts for your age. In many cities abroad, it is common for under-26s to attend cultural activities for a reduced rate. For example, in Paris it is possible to visit the Louvre for free, and in Rome you can visit the Colosseum at a discount. So always check this before going somewhere.

#5 Hotel outside the city center

Hotels located in the middle of the city center are obviously extra expensive. Don’t mind walking 15 minutes to your hotel or using public transportation to get downtown? Then take a hotel located just outside the actual city center. That way you can still easily get into the city in the evening, but still save money by not taking a hotel located on the city’s most famous square.

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#6 Breakfast

Is breakfast not included as standard in the room rate and you have to book it separately? Then see if it’s really worth it. Sometimes you pay €15 per person per day for breakfast, while you can also get a sandwich at the corner bakery or supermarket for €5. Of course, it can also be nice to have a running buffet for breakfast, so this is really a personal consideration.

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#7 Parking fees

It is not possible to park for free at an airport, and parking fees are often not cheap. It is quite possible to save parking costs if you find out in advance where in the area you can park for free. Often you can park your car at a P+R and take public transportation to the airport from there. Are you flying from Cologne, for example? Then park your car at Porz-Wahn station and take the subway to the airport from there. The subway ride takes 4 minutes and you get off in the middle of the airport. If you’re going on a 5-day city trip, you’ll easily save €100 in parking fees. Ideal!

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#8 Compare hotel
#9 Look for cheap public transport tickets
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#10 Discount coupons

In many hotels, there are also discount coupons in the lobby. Often there is a whole shelf where different activities are offered at a discount. So always check carefully if the activity you want to do is also among these discount coupons. Shame if you miss it!