11 amazing things to see in London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is known for its famous sights. Besides these sights, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and London Eye, London is also known for its many soccer clubs. For example, there are a total of 17 professional soccer clubs, no less than seven of which play in the Premier League. So for soccer fans, London is a true Valhalla! Enjoy reading this blog about 11 amazing things to see in London.

#1 Buckingham Palace

Let’s start with one of London’s most famous landmarks: Buckingham Palace. This is the official residence of the King of the United Kingdom: King Charles. Many people come specially to the palace to see the changing of the guards. Would you like to go inside the palace? Then it is useful to know that this is only possible in August and September and that it is wise to book a ticket far in advance, as it sells out quickly. Also handy to know: if you want to visit the gardens, you will need another ticket.

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#2 London Eye

London Eye is London’s famous Ferris wheel. It is no less than 135 meters high, offering a magnificent view of the city. Especially in the evening it is very impressive to take a ride in this Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (in winter only until 8:30 p.m.). The prices don’t lie; a regular ticket for an adult costs 36 euros. Anyway, the view makes up for a lot!

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#3 Emirates Stadium

As mentioned in the introduction, you cannot escape soccer in London. One of the city’s most beautiful stadiums is that of Arsenal FC: the Emirates Stadium. Located in northeast London, the stadium is close to a residential area. In this residential area was the old stadium of Arsenal, the entrance gates are still standing and can be found between 2 residential houses, very special! If you have time, book a stadium tour to discover this impressive stadium.

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#4 Tower Bridge

Another famous landmark in London: the Tower Bridge. This bridge crosses river Thames and is located next to the Tower of London. It is possible to walk across the bridge as a pedestrian, from here you have a beautiful view of the Thames. The path that runs along the Thames, the Queens Walk, is one of the best places to view Tower Bridge from a distance!

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#5 Big Ben

Many people think that the tower with the big clock is called Big Ben. In popular speech this is indeed very common, but officially the tower is part of the Palace of Westminster and the heavy clock that hangs in it is called Big Ben. Unfortunately, as a foreign tourist, it is not possible to take a tour of this building, this is only for residents of the United Kingdom.

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#6 Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a beautiful church in London. Marriages of the royal family take place here and this is also the place where funerals of members of the British royal families take place. It is not only the significance, but also the Gothic style in which this church is built that makes it so special. Therefore, all this makes Westminster Abbey well worth a visit!

#7 Wembley

Wembley Stadium is one of the most famous stadiums in the world. The special thing about the stadium is that it does not belong to any club, but the English national team, among others, plays their international matches here. The stadium has also been the setting for a World Cup final and an European Championship final. In addition, the stadium has also served for performances by legendary musicians such as Elton John, Queen, Rolling Stones and U2. It is possible to take a guided tour of this historic place, definitely worth recommending!

#8 Warner Bros. Film Studios

While this is a bit outside of London, it is well worth a day trip to Warner Bros Film Studios. Among other things, this is where the popular Harry Potter film series was shot. Here you can walk past various film sets and suddenly imagine yourself in the middle of one of the many Harry Potter films.

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#9 Soho

For a cozy atmosphere, the neighborhood of Soho is absolutely right. Here you will find many restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment venues. So you can enjoy a bite to eat here or watch sports games in one of the many pubs. It’s a lot quieter here than downtown, but that actually only makes it more fun!

#10 Shoreditch

For lovers of street art, visit the neighborhood of Shoreditch. This district is often described as the hippest neighborhood in London, which is reflected in the restaurants and cafes located there. In addition, you can see a beautiful mural on almost every building, a nice and cozy sight.

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#11 ArcelorMittal Orbit

For art lovers, this is an absolute must-do. But even if you’re not much into art, this is an ideal place to go. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is the largest public artwork in the United Kingdom, measuring a whopping 114.5 meters in height. It is possible to stand on one of the two platforms made at the top of this artwork, just book a ticket in advance! By the way, the work of art is located next to London Stadium, so you can grab that one too!