13 most beautiful cities in England

England has many beautiful cities that are very different from each other. Some cities, like London, are immensely modern. Other cities are a little older, like York, and here the history is still very much in evidence. In this blog, we will discuss the 13 most beautiful cities in England.

#1 London
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#2 Newcastle

This city in the northeast of England is full name Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle is one of the many student cities in England and is known, among other things, for the Tyne Bridge and the beautiful Newcastle Castle. This city is definitely worth visiting during a trip through England.

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#3 Manchester

Manchester is one of the larger cities in the country and has some wonderful sights. Among others, the cathedral and Beeston Castle are beautiful to see, in addition there are also a number of beautiful parks such as Lyme Park and Heaton Park. There are also plenty of museums in the city, including the Manchester Art Gallery.

#4 Liverpool 

Not far from Manchester is Liverpool. During World War II, this city was almost completely reduced to rubble, but has since been rebuilt into a modern and vibrant center. Soccer is very much alive in Liverpool and it has two teams that play at the highest level: Everton and Liverpool FC. If possible, we definitely recommend visiting a match. Especially a visit to Anfield, home of Liverpool FC, is unforgettable!

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#5 Canterbury

Canterbury is located on the River Stour and is very focused on tourism. The most visited attractions in the area are the cliffs at Dover, Dover Castle and Dover Museum. It is a fairly small town, so a long stay is not necessary. Nevertheless, Canterbury is definitely worth visiting.

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#6 Penzance 

This town is located in the Cornwall part and looks very different from large parts of England. It is a small town with a nice little harbor where many boats are moored. It is not necessary to stay overnight here, a day trip to this town is enough!

#7 Brighton

Brighton is one of the most famous seaside resorts in England. This place includes a large pier, but there are also other attractions such as the royal pavilion. In addition, walkers have plenty to do here, as the Seven Sisters Country Park is located near the city. Here you have a great view of the beautiful cliffs of the nature park.

brighton, east sussex, pier-4340191.jpg

#8 York

This old fortified city still has much of the old architecture standing and therefore reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Because of this, among other things, you can find the largest cathedral in Northern Europe. Also, the four original city gates are still standing. For history buffs and lovers of ancient architecture, this is definitely an unmissable stop on your tour of England.

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#9 Chester

Near the border with Wales lies the quaint city of Chester. This city can be considered one of the best preserved fortified towns in Britain. You can admire the cathedral, the remains of the city wall (dating back to the 1st century), the River Dee and Romanesque architecture in this impressive city.

#10 Bath 

Bath is a historic city with breathtaking sights. As such, this entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit the world-famous remains of the Roman Baths of Bath built by the Romans in the 1st century. Bath Abbey is a beautiful church that you can also climb, which provides fantastic views from the top. In addition, Royal Crescent, a famous street in this city, is known for its shape. Namely, this street is shaped like a crescent/circle and here there are houses, a hotel and a museum. It is a wonderful location to take beautiful photos.

#11 Torquay

Torquay is a somewhat lesser known city in England, but this town is definitely not to be missed when you go to England! Here you can visit a beautiful cave (Kents Cavern), go to a sandy beach (Goodrington Sands), visit a beautiful nature reserve with many birds (Berry Head) or visit the famous gardens (King’s Gardens). In addition, it has a nice harbor, Torquay Harbour, where you can take a boat trip or practice water sports. It is a nice harbor to see and to walk around there.

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#12 Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in England. As such, there is a lot to experience. For the art and history lovers among us, there is a Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery with an impressive collection of world-renowned artists. Birmingham is also an ideal city for shopping, as there are many large shopping centers, such as Bullring & Grand Central with well-known brands, as well as local stores and eateries.

#13 Cambridge 

Cambridge is a world-famous university city. The pubs are located in the beautiful gothic buildings, so that alone is worth visiting this city. In the store “The Fudge Maker” you can see how fudge is made the traditional way and of course you can taste it! In this beautiful city you can also visit King’s College Chapel. On the river it is possible to take a cruise on a flat boat while being told more about the city!

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