14 amazing things to see during a citytrip in New York

New York; the largest city in America. The city has many world-famous monuments and sights, so there is plenty to do during your city trip. In this blog we list 14 amazing things to see and do during a city trip to New York!

#1 Statue of Liberty

Let’s start right off with one of New York’s most famous landmarks: the Statue of Liberty. The statue symbolizes freedom and is also an instant welcome to anyone entering New York! During your city trip to New York, you absolutely cannot ignore this world-famous statue.

queen of liberty, statue of liberty, new york-202218.jpg

#2 Empire State Building

This is a 381-meter-high skyscraper that gets its name from New York State’s nickname: The Empire State. The building is located in Manhattan and cannot be missed when walking through the city.

nyc, empire state, manhattan-4290599.jpg

#3 Central Park

Central Park is also located in the borough of Manhattan. It is New York’s most famous park and is featured in many movies and series, such as the well-known film Home Alone 2. Take a walk or bike tour through the beautiful city park and imagine yourself on a movie set.

central park, new york city, nyc-470977.jpg

#4 Brooklyn Bridge

Visit the stunning architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge! This bridge connects Brooklyn to Manhattan and is known for its stunning views of the East River. The bridge is one of the largest in the world at 1825 meters long.

bridge, brooklyn, architecture-7930001.jpg

#5 National September 11 Memorial & Museum

New York, of course, is unfortunately also known for 9/11, when there was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. This attack killed nearly 3,000 people. On the spot where the buildings stood at the time, there is now an impressive monument with all the names of people who died on that terrible day in September. It is very impressive to visit this monument and it is also possible to visit the museum about this event. Perhaps a somewhat somber outing during your city trip to New York, but it is very impressive and interesting!

usa, memorial, ny-7284666.jpg

#6 Times Square

Manhattan’s most famous square: Times Square. Here you will find a huge number of billboards (and tourists). It is a beautiful square and also world famous for its countdown during New Year’s Eve. The square gets its name from the fact that the former headquarters of The New York Times was located here. Much of the square has been designated as a pedestrian zone since 2009, so it is possible to walk across the square!

new york, time square, broadway-3651505.jpg

#7 Take a helicopter ride over New York

This is one of those things you must have done once in your life: a helicopter flight over this amazing city. In the sky, you’ll have an amazing view of Manhattan. It is a pricey activity though, so if you prefer to save a little, this is not recommended. Looking for a cheaper alternative for a great view of the city? Check out tip #12!

#8 St. Patrick’s Cathedral

In the middle of the city of skyscrapers stands a gigantic cathedral: St. Patrick’s Cathedral. With towers as high as 100 meters, this is one of the largest cathedrals in the world.

#9 New York Yankees

Should there be a home game of the Yankees during your city trip to New York, try to buy tickets! Baseball is a very popular sport in the United States and the atmosphere in the stadiums is really great.

baseball, glove, ball-4182179.jpg

#10 Wall Street

Almost everyone has heard of it, but who can really say to have been on Wall Street? A photo with the bull is obviously part of it, so you can’t skip this one!

wall street, new york city, money-294443.jpg

#11 Chinatown

Almost every major city in the Western world has a Chinatown, but New York’s is the very largest in North America. Have a tasty Chinese meal here!

#12 Roosevelt Tramway

Float above Manhattan and the East River on this tramway. At 75 meters high, you have a great view of the city. On 2nd Avenue at 30th street, the streetcar leaves and within minutes you are on Roosevelt Island. A cheaper alternative to the helicopter flight, although of course your view is still less than during this flight.

#13 Free concerts

If you’re in town, check out opportunities for free concerts! Central Park, for example, hosts a free festival every year. There are also many free music performances to attend at other places in the city! For this, also take a look at Bryant Park.

dj, entertainment, dj party-1531431.jpg

#14 Ellis Island Migration Museum

For history buffs, this is a must-do! Many immigrants first arrived on this island to be examined and questioned before they could pursue their “American Dream. Nearly 40%(!) of the current residents of the United States have at least one ancestor who came to the country via Ellis Island. In this museum you will see many personal stories. The museum can be reached by boat.