14 beautiful things to see in Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s largest city and also the country’s capital. The city is located in the west of Portugal and is known for its beautiful streets, lovely squares and lovely terraces. In this blog we wrote about beautiful things to see in Lisbon, enjoy reading!

#1 Alfama

This old neighborhood in Lisbon is characterized by its steep streets, with an average gradient of 15%! Locals here simply dry their laundry above the street, which makes for a beautiful sight. Enjoy a delicious cherry liqueur, a typical local snack, in one of the small stores.

alfama, lisbon, colors-2165717.jpg

#2 Trams

Lisbon, of course, is also known for its yellow trams. Especially Tram 28, which runs through the Alfama neighborhood mentioned above, is very popular among tourists. Preferably take this streetcar in the morning, because in the afternoon it is choked with tourists here.

transport, lisbon, alfama-3895335.jpg

#3 Praça do Comércio 

Located in the middle of the center, this huge square offers a beautiful view of the Tagus River. If you turn the other way, you’ll see the yellow buildings that characterize downtown Lisbon. A lovely square to gaze far ahead!

#4 Ponte 25 de Abril

When you see a picture of this bridge, you might immediately think of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is the Ponte 25 de Abril, which connects downtown Lisbon to the Setubal Peninsula. From this bridge, you have beautiful views of the Tagus River.

ponte 25 de april, lisbon, bridge of april 25th-898789.jpg

#5 Castelo de São Jorge

This castle is located on the highest hill in Lisbon: the São Jorge hill. In the courtyards of this castle you will find beautiful gardens and olive trees. Definitely worth a visit during your city break to Lisbon.

#6 Torre de Belém

This tower is special to see because it stands in the water. The tower was built in the 16th century and it is also worth taking a look inside this beautiful tower!

lisbon, torre de belém, belem tower-3137535.jpg

#7 Torre Vasco da Gama

Once upon a time, this building was built for a world exhibition and was meant to enjoy beautiful views of the city. Nowadays it is a hotel so you can just book a room here! A cable car connects this hotel to the Oceanarium in Lisbon, during your ride you can also enjoy beautiful views.

expo, lisbon, portugal-1107244.jpg

#8 The Santa Justa elevator

This elevator connects Rua Santa Justa to Campo Square and is a special elevator because it is completely separate from a building. You can buy a ticket for the elevator for €5.

lisbon, elevador de santa hardwood floors lisboa, portugal-3195051.jpg

#9 Parque Eduardo VII

This park is a great place to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. Enjoy the beautifully trimmed hedges and long green space in the park.

lisbon, portugal, europe-1964164.jpg

#10 Oceanário de Lisboa

The largest indoor aquarium in Europe can be found in Lisbon! As mentioned at #7, this oceanarium is accessible, among other things, via a cable car connection to the hotel in Torre Vasco da Gama. In this aquarium you will find numerous tropical and colorful fish, as well as different species of sharks!

#11 Mercado da Ribeira

In this market hall you will find many restaurants as well as a fresh food market. You’ll find plenty of eateries here, from a delicious pastry to the delicious local dishes Lisbon is known for!

#12 Cristo Rei

Everyone probably knows the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. Just outside the center of Lisbon (near the Ponte 25 de Abril) you will find a similar statue. At 28 meters tall, it is obviously a lot less impressive than the statue in Brazil, but it is still well worth a look if you have the time!

lisbon, statue, travel-1953199.jpg

#13 Bairro Alto

Looking for Lisbon’s nightlife? Then visit Bairro Alto, the district is characterized by numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and more! During the day it can be quite quiet here, but at night the neighborhood comes alive and there is plenty to do.

lisbon, portugal, historic center-2392713.jpg

#14 Chiado

Do you love shopping? Then visit the Chiado district, located next to Bairro Alto. Here you will find a beautiful shopping street with plenty of well-known, as well as local, stores.