17 amazing things to see in Valencia

Valencia is a beautiful city on the eastside of Spain. Almost all year long it is beautiful weather and you can see a lot in this city. In this blog we listed 17 amazing things to see in Valencia. Enjoy reading!

#1 Turia Park

Park Turia, of more than nine kilometers, is one of the largest natural urban parks in Spain. This garden was built along the old bed of the Turia River. In fact, originally the river was here, but in 1957 the river flowed into the city, costing many lives. In some streets the water rose about 2 to 3 meters high. From then on, the river was diverted and it was partially drained. There was going to be a highway, but the citizens revolted, so it became a green zone that opened in 1986 as Turia Park. Many palm trees, orange trees, rose gardens, fountains and sports grounds can be found in this park. You can enjoy walking, playing sports or resting and sunbathing there. There is a bicycle path in the park, so it is also possible to cycle through this huge park. On the other side of the park you will find the Bioparc zoo (see #9).

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#2 Torres de Serranos & Torres de Quart

These towers are the major gates of the former city walls and the old main entrance to Valencia. These are the only remains of the once (until the mid-19th century) walled medieval city of Valencia. Torres de Serranos is the northern gate and Torres de Quart is the western gate. They are two massive Gothic towers that were used as prisons until 1887. The purpose of the towers was to protect the city from outside danger.

#3 Ciutat de les Artes y las Ciencias

Ciudad de las Artes y Las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences) was begun in 1989. The last building was officially finished in 2009. The complex consists of 6 parts: 1. L’Umbracle, an open-air discotheque and garden with palm trees, plants and flowers surmounted by a large metal open overarching arch. 2. L’Hemisfèric, this is also called “The Eye” because of the shape of the building. This building houses an IMAX 3D cinema. 3. L’Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe where you can see many marine animals. 4. Museo de las Cièncias Príncipe Felipe, a science museum where you can experiment with technology. 5. Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, the opera house used for different performances. 6. Agora, the last completed building used for exhibitions, congresses, concerts and Valencia Fashion Week, among others.

#4 Mercado Central

This central market in Valencia is one of the largest covered markets in Europe. In this market you can find all kinds of local products, as well as souvenirs. This covered market has a huge dome in the middle of the roof, made of glass art. It is free to enter this market, so feel free to take a look and who knows, maybe a nice souvenir will stick to your hands.

#5 Torre del Miguelete

This tower stands next to Valencia Cathedral (see #12 for the cathedral). Torre del Miguelete is the Gothic bell tower of the cathedral. You can climb this tower and after 207 stairs you will have a beautiful view of the city from this tower.

#6 Ruzafa neighborhood 

Ruzafa is the ideal place to escape the busy city and have a bite to eat or drink. In Ruzafa, there are beautiful colored buildings to admire. In fact, the place is bustling with cozy restaurants, popular clubs and vintage stores. The restaurants are of high quality and here you will find Spanish cuisine, of course. At the heart of this district is the central market, Mercado Ruzafa, where you can feast on fresh produce among many stalls. In addition, you can enjoy live music and theater here. In the evening, things start to get extra lively in this neighborhood.

#7 Parque Natural de la Albufera

About 10 kilometers from Valencia is a beautiful natural park. You can admire beautiful sunsets here and it is also possible to take a boat trip here. It has a large freshwater lake of about 2,800 hectares. There are 300 different species of birds sheltering in this park throughout the year. In winter, flamingos in particular can be spotted here. By boat it is possible to get close to the birds.

#8 Barrio el Carmen

This is Valencia’s most famous neighborhood. You’ll find countless restaurants and other entertainment venues here, as well as a lot of medieval architecture and other history. Be sure to take a look around this neighborhood!

#9 Bioparc 

This zoo in Valencia is definitely worth a visit. The zoo is known for its impressive enclosures, including a waterfall in the elephants’ enclosure. In addition, it is possible to have lunch in the restaurant close to the giraffes and zebras. A very nice day out for if you are staying in Valencia a little longer!

#10 La lonja de la seda (silk fair)

This silk exchange is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, this building is mainly a memorial to the merchants of the Mediterranean in the 14th and 15th centuries. The building was mainly used for trading in silk. However, the building also had another significance: the tower in the middle served as a prison.

#11 Port Saplaya

A slightly lesser-known spot in Valencia is Port Saplaya. The little port, just outside the center of Valencia, is known for its colorful houses and there is also a beautiful beach nearby. To get here you have to take a metro and bus from the center, but it’s well worth it!

#12 Cathedral La Seu

This is the largest cathedral in Valencia, you can find works of art from the Renaissance era, among other things. This cathedral is open to tourists, but Christian masses are still held there. It is possible to take an audio tour and there is also a museum inside the cathedral.

#13 La Plaza de la Virgen

La Plaza de la Virgen is a square right in the center of Valencia. Surrounding the square are a number of beautiful buildings, including the cathedral mentioned above. On this square you will also find the fountain ‘Fuente del Agua de la Acequia’. An ideal square to grab a terrace and enjoy the Spanish sun!

#14 Iglesia de San Nicolás de Bari y San Pedro Mártir

This church is one of the first twelve Christian parish churches built in Valencia and has recently been restored. It is possible for tourists to visit this church either with or without a guide.

#15 Mestalla Stadium Valencia CF

Valencia has several big soccer clubs, but the biggest one is without any doubt Valencia CF. The stadium of Valencia CF, Estadio Mestalla, is easily accessible by public transport, but also on foot. Be sure to stop by the impressive stadium and take a look in the fanshop!

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#16 Estacio del Norte

The beautiful architecture of this station is definitely worth seeing. It is very close to the city center and therefore easy to visit. Also be sure to walk into the station to see the beautiful inside, here are also some stores.

#17 La Estrecha

The narrowest house in Europe is in Valencia. It has a width of only 107 centimeters! It is not possible to go inside this narrowest house, but it is fun to see it. It is located on the square Lope de Vega where there are nice terraces, so overlooking this narrow house you can enjoy a snack and/or drink.