5 beautiful towns on Gran Canaria you must visit

In this blog, we wrote about 5 towns on Gran Canaria that you must have seen! Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands, which belong to Spain. It is a popular vacation destination for people who love the sun and the sea. However, there are also a lot of wonderful things to see on the island, including some authentic towns.

#1 Firgas

Firgas is a mountain village located in the north of Gran Canaria. Because the village is located in the north of the island and most tourists settle in the south of the island, there are not a huge number of tourists to be found in the town. Firgas is a quiet town with some nice sights. For example, you will find the Paseo de Gran Canaria, a cascading waterfall that you can walk along. On the side of this waterfall you will find beautiful mosaic benches with the arms of all the municipalities of Gran Canaria above them.

Towns on Gran Canaria - Firgas

In the extension of the Paseo de Gran Canaria is the Paseo de Canarias. This work of art consists of several parts. Among other things, there is a beautiful 3D rendering of all seven Canary Islands, which you can view while walking up the stairs.

There is also a nice little church in Firgas, namely the Iglesia de San Roque. This is a wonderful place to take some nice pictures. If you walk past the little church, you will end up at some beautiful viewpoints that are definitely worth your time. All in all, you’ll spend about an hour walking around this small but cozy town.

#2 Arucas

Arucas is another mountain village in the north of Gran Canaria, so it is not far from Firgas. If you take your rental car to Arucas and prefer not to drive on steep, narrow mountain roads, make sure to follow the signs that say ‘Arucas’. If you use Google Maps or other navigation, you will be sent over immensely narrow and steep roads. We had a rental car with a not so strong engine and it had quite a bit of trouble driving these roads.

Once we arrived in Arucas, one landmark immediately springs to mind: Iglesia de San Juan Bautista. The church is now just over 100 years old and is in very good condition. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the inside of the church, but the outside was breathtaking.


If you walk past the church, you will end up in the streets of the historic center of Arucas. Here you’ll find some local stores and restaurants, as well as the Arucas letters (an excellent place for some photos, of course). When you cross the street at the Arucas letters, you enter a nice city park overlooking the sea. All in all, you’ll also spend about an hour in Arucas.

#3 Telde

The towns mentioned above are not really tourist attractions, but if you really want to experience local life up close, a visit to Telde is absolutely recommended. Telde is located in the east of Gran Canaria and is a very quiet town.


You won’t find many popular attractions here, but peace and quiet prevail in its streets. We recommend visiting the San Francisco neighborhood. In this neighborhood you will find many white houses and a beautiful church. Especially the pink and purple flowers hanging in front of the white walls are beautiful to see. You will also find here the “Acueducto San Francisco,” this aqueduct is made entirely from the remains of volcanic eruptions and has a very beautiful location on the outskirts of the district.


Besides the San Francisco district, it is also a must to visit the Basílica de San Juan Bautista. This little church plays a central role for the inhabitants of Telde, as it is a fairly religious town. So be respectful when standing next to or inside the church.

#4 Maspalomas

Probably the most famous and tourist town in Gran Canaria. Many tourists settle here because of its convenient location to the beach and the many shopping facilities available nearby. We also used Maspalomas itself as a base for our vacation, among other things because many good hotels and bungalow parks can be found here. From here we drove all over the island by rental car. We rented our car from Sunnycars.

Besides beach and pool, Maspalomas is also known for a very popular attraction: Dunas de Maspalomas. These sand dunes provide stunning views of the sea and it is also a perfect place to visit during Golden Hour (often about an hour before the sun goes down).

The sand dunes have now been part of a protected nature reserve for almost 40 years, so be sure to check the signs to see where you can and cannot enter the dunes. It may look tempting (especially since more tourists are doing it), but you are not supposed to step over the fences to enter the dunes!

#5 Puerto de Mogán

On the Internet you see many texts like “the Venice of Gran Canaria” when talking about Puerto de Mogán. So when we arrived here, we were expecting lots of canals and beautiful bridges. However, it is good to know that there are almost no bridges and those that are there did not remind us of Venice. So why is Puerto de Mogán in this list anyway?

This is one of the port towns on Gran Canaria that actually has many other things to offer. It has a beautiful beach, a nice boulevard with many restaurants, a port and nice streets with colorful houses and flowers. It is the ideal place to take real vacation snaps and stroll around the harbor and boulevard. If you are a fish lover, there are also plenty of restaurants where you can eat delicious food! All in all, Puerto de Mogán is an ideal town to spend an afternoon wandering around.