Amazing tips for a fantastic time in Norway

Norway is a beautiful country, known for its amazing nature. The great glaciers, mighty mountains and beautiful beaches; they are all worth visiting. In this blog we will give you tips & recommendations about what places you can’t skip during your trip in Norway! Hopefully it will help you having a fantastic time in Norway.

#1 Oslo
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You can visit the capital of Norway if you like to visit some shops and see some nice architecture. Oslo is like most of the big European cities, so it’s very touristic as well. Want to visit a more typical Norwegian city? Then try out Bergen!

#2 Bergen
bergen, norway, architecture-2071386.jpg

As mentioned above, Bergen is a more typical Norwegian city. Bergen used to be a city in which a lot of trading took place. The old merchant houses are still standing, so you will see a lot of the history of this city.

#3 The Lofoten
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The Lofoten are known for its magnificent fjords, huge mountains and authentic towns. The views are absolutely breathtaking and while driving through this area, you will feel like you’re dreaming. This area is also known for its fish, so make sure to taste the freshly caught cod!

#4 The Preikestolen
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This mountain lays 604 meters above the Lysefjord. You can hike to the top of the Preikestolen to have an amazing view over the fjord. From May till October you can hike this path yourself, from November till April it is recommended to hike this path with a tour guide.

#5 The fjords
fjord, norway, sea-287168.jpg

Norway has a lot of beautiful fjords. You really should visit a few of those, every one of them will seem unique. The most popular fjords are the Sognefjord and the Aurlandsfjord. Make sure to check out which fjords are located in the region you will visit!

#6 Trysil
european brown bear, to play, together-3366190.jpg

Do you like adventure and do you love to see wildlife? Visit the woods of Trysil; although it is very rare, it is possible to see wild bears in this area!

#7 Flåm

Flåm is a very small town in Norway, but it is very famous because of the Flåmsbana. This is a train ride from Flåm to Myrdal. This train ride is only 20 kilometres long, but has a rise of 865 metres (!). It is one of the steepest railways in the entire world. The train ride will bring you to great deep valleys and amazing waterfalls, a must do when you are near this town!

#8 Tromsø
northern lights, aurora borealis, amazing-7917648.jpg

Of course the Northern Light can’t be missed in this list. Visit Tromsø to see this incredible nature phenomenon. The sky looks like a dancing curtain of green, red and purple light. The best chance to see this spectacular phenomenon is by visiting Tromsø, because it is in the middle of the Northern Light oval.

#9 The North Cape

Another very popular place in Norway; the North Cape. It is the most northern point of Europe, and if you are very lucky you are able to see the Northern Lights from here as well. Consider staying in Honningsvåg, which is located on the island Magerøya. It is seen as the gate to the North Cape and you can visit the museum about the history of the North Cape here as well.

#10 Vossevangen
norway, scandinavia, landscape-4766368.jpg

This is a little bit of an unknown place for a lot of tourists; it is a town located east of Bergen. In this area, you can find a lot of beautiful lakes. Definitely a recommendation after you visited Bergen!