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When you are looking for amazing tips for fantastic travel destinations, or if you have not decided yet where to go on your next trip, you should read our blogs below.

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On this page you can find all the destinations we have already written blogs about. In the menu you can also navigate to a specific country and find our blogs with tips and recommendations. We keep writing new blogs each week! Scroll down to see all the destinations. Click on ‘read more’ to see all the blogs about that specific destination. Enjoy reading!

Amazing tips for fantastic travel destinations

Tips and recommendations for Mexico

Amazing tips and inspiration for Yucatán

Check out our blog about Yucatán, Mexico. You will find 10 tips and recommendations about food, places to visit and other travel tips.

What to see and do in Norway?

We wrote a blog about what to see in Norway, and more blogs about Norway are coming up. Go check it out!

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Why should I go to Canada?

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Canada is known for its beautiful nature. We wrote a blog about the 6 most beautiful places in the nature of Canada. Go check it out!

The highlights of Australia

In our blog we will tell you all about the beautiful highlights of Australia.

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Which places are worth visiting in Denmark?

Denmark has a lot of beautiful places you must visit. We wrote about 10 amazing places in Denmark in our blog. More blogs about Denmark will be there in the future!

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Tips & recommendations for the Netherlands

The Netherlands is our home country! It has beautiful cities, but also beautiful beaches and don’t forget the Dutch islands.

Beautiful nature of Sweden

Sweden has beautiful national parks. You can also spot the Northern lights from Sweden! We wrote about it, so you should definitely check it out.

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What to see in Jordan?

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Why should I visit South Africa?

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What to see in Portugal?

Tips & recommendations for Switzerland

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What are the most beautiful cities of England?

England has a lot of beautiful cities. Most people only know London, but England has so much more to offer! Go check it out.

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Amazing islands to visit in Greece

Greece has wonderful islands with white sandy beaches and clear blue water. Not sure which island you want to visit? We wrote a blog about the best islands to visit.