Beautiful 19-day roadtrip through Switzerland

We mapped out a roadtrip through Switzerland to discover some beautiful places in this amazing country. During this beautiful 19-day roadtrip through Switzerland you will discover beautiful nature and a few great cities.

Basel -> Zurich -> Horn -> Lucerne -> Grindelwald -> Zermatt ->
Lausanne -> Geneva -> Neuchâtel -> Bern

Basel (2 nights)

The journey through Switzerland begins with one of the country’s largest cities, located in the north. Known for its many museums, Basel is also known as the cultural capital of Switzerland. You will find the Cultural Museum, Natural History Museum and the World Toy Museum, among others. One of the city’s most striking sights is the town hall, located on the Marktplatz. It is not the function, but the color of the facade that is so striking. In fact, the facade is painted bright red. There is plenty to do in this cozy city, including a zoo and one of Switzerland’s biggest soccer clubs plays in this city: FC Basel 1983. In short, there is something for everyone to do in Basel!

basel town hall, town hall, basel-699892.jpg

Zurich (2 nights)

After a journey of over an hour, you will arrive in Switzerland’s largest city: Zurich. Especially economically, this is a hugely important city; for example, the Swiss Stock Exchange is located here and it is the worldwide trading place for gold. Zurich is located on Lake Zurich, which is also well worth visiting. It is an ideal place to walk and enjoy the beautiful views.

For stunning views of the city itself, you can visit the Uetliberg. For the sporty, there is a hiking trail up to the 869-meter-high mountain, while the rest can travel up comfortably by train. Zurich is also home to a number of beautiful sites and buildings, such as Paradeplatz, St. Peter’s Church, Fraumünster Church and Grossmünster.

Finally, you can take a trip from Zurich to the Rheinfall. The Rheinfall is the largest and most powerful waterfall in Europe. In total, the waterfall is over 150 meters wide, this is very impressive. By car you can reach the Rheinfall in just over half an hour!

switzerland, zurich, limmat-2520399.jpg

Horn (1 night)

After your visit to Zurich, drive on to Horn, a drive of about an hour. It’s a short drive, but upon arrival you’ll imagine yourself in another world. Horn is a small town located on Lake Constance. Since the place itself is not large, one night here is enough. Do take your time to explore the area, because Lake Constance is really beautiful!

lake constance, water, lake-2445405.jpg

Lucerne (2 nights)

We recommend spending the morning still in the Horn area and then drive on to Lucerne. After an hour and a half drive, you will arrive in this beautiful city. The city is located on Lake Lucerne, one of the most popular lakes in Switzerland. The special thing about this city is that it is actually divided into two parts, the new town and the old town. Both parts are connected by six bridges over the Reuss River. One of the bridges is the Kapellbrücke, this bridge originally served as part of the defense works of the city of Lucerne. The fact that this city lies between two gigantic mountains makes for phenomenal pictures. So don’t forget to bring your camera!

By the way, it is possible to ‘climb’ Mount Pilatus by cable car. From here you have beautiful views of the city and the lake. Mount Titlis can also be reached by cable car. Another must is the Lindt Home of Chocolate. You can book a tour here with a tour of the factory and along the way you have the opportunity to taste different flavors of chocolate! Always delicious.

cable car, gondola, tourists-388153.jpg

Grindelwald (2 nights)

After a few wonderful days in Lucerne, it is time to travel on to Grindelwald. After about an hour and a half drive, you will arrive in this beautiful glacier village. The village is enclosed between the Eiger, Fiescherwand, Faulhorn and Wetterhorn. In the ski season you can ski well here, off-season it is very suitable for hiking.

You can also take the train from this town to Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in all of Europe. This train station is located at an altitude of no less than 3,454 meters! With that it is close to the summit of the Eiger, it is definitely worth taking this experience during your stay in Grindelwald.

Zermatt (2 nights)

From one mountain area to another: after the adventure in Grindelwald, make the 2.5-hour drive to Zermatt. This village lies at the foot of the Matterhorn, one of the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland. This area is known as a winter sports resort, but is also an absolute must to visit outside the ski season.

In high season, there are more tourists here than locals, so be prepared that the small village can be very busy. Preferably travel here off-season, so you can taste the real atmosphere of this cozy village. However, in high season it is also more than worth it, especially if you like hiking you have come to the right place!

One of the most popular attractions in this region is the Glacier Express. This 8-hour train ride starts in Zermatt and ends in St. Moritz. During this train ride you will pass numerous beautiful villages, mountains and glaciers. The train does not travel very fast, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the views!

pull station, zermatt, gornergrat-3304861.jpg

Lausanne (1 night)

From Zermatt it is a 2-hour drive to Lausanne, which lies on Lake Geneva. Here you will stay for 1 night. This city is located in a wine region, giving you breathtaking views of the vineyards right along the lake. Especially in nearby Lavaux, you can admire beautiful vineyards perched on a hill along the water.

Lausanne is a slightly lesser known city among tourists, but certainly not to be missed. Its historic center is perhaps the most beautiful in all of Switzerland. With beautiful, steep streets and typical Swiss houses, you can enjoy local life here.

geneva, lake, vaud-2610602.jpg

Geneva (2 nights)

After spending a night in Lausanne, travel along Lake Geneva to the next place: Geneva. The second largest city in Switzerland after Zurich, it has over 200,000 inhabitants.

As in Lausanne, you will find beautiful streets and stores. Nevertheless, this city is just a bit more modern and the views of Lake Geneva are probably even more beautiful than from Lausanne.

Would you also like to learn about international politics during this trip? Then visit the Palais des Nations. This is one of the most important buildings of the United Nations. It is possible to take a guided tour of the building. During this tour, you will learn all about the workings of this internationally important organization. Should you not be hungry for all this information, you can also just go to the building for some beautiful pictures. The flags of all the United Nations countries are beautifully displayed in front of the building, making for a beautiful picture!

geneva, lake geneva, jet d'eau-6988667.jpg

Neuchâtel (1 night)

After your stay at Lake Geneva you will drive in just under an hour and a half to Neuchâtel, here you will stay for 1 night. You will immediately encounter the next lake here: Lake Neuchâtel.

Besides the lake, there are other attractions in this picturesque town. For example, you will find the Castle of Neuchâtel, built in the 12th century. Access to this castle is only possible by booking a guided tour. Should you be interested here, it is best to arrange this in advance.

city, street, lights-3873862.jpg

Bern (2 nights)

After your stay in Neuchâtel, you will travel on to the last stop of this trip: Bern. Within an hour you will be in this beautiful city. Striking fact: Many people call Bern the capital of Switzerland, however, this is incorrect. Due to constitutional provisions, Switzerland does not officially have a capital city. While Bern is the Federal City (which practically means it is the capital), it is not officially the capital.

Some wonderful sights in Bern include the Parliament building, the Zytglogge, Käfigturm and the Einsteinhaus. The latter landmark gets its name from the fact that Albert Einstein rented this house in the 20th century. By far the most impressive building in the city is Bern Cathedral. It is possible to climb this tower with a staircase of almost 350 steps. However, this is for good reason: from the top you have a great view of Bern!

city, river, bridge-4236334.jpg


During this 19-day roadtrip through Switzerland you will visit many different places. From busy Zurich to quiet Horn, from the beautiful lakes to the high mountain peaks, we are sure you will enjoy it very much!