For Dutch readers: Tips for a perfect vacation photobook!

The best way to remember your vacation or trip is to make a vacation photobook! When you flip through the photo book again, all the beautiful and funny events of your trip or vacation come back to the surface. By making a photo book you can also easily share the memories with friends or family. Nowadays it is possible to make your photo book online instead of printing individual photos for a photo album. We did this for our roadtrip in West America, but also for city trips to Rome and Valencia.

Where to make a photobook online?

Just making a photobook is a lot of fun. On a rainy day after your vacation, sit down and see all the beautiful photos again. With handy templates offered during the creation of the photobook, you can creatively display the photos in different ways in different sizes.
You can choose a nice background for your photobook, but you can also add text to explain a place, date or name nice memories. At MyFUJIFILM, you always have free shipping on orders over €25.

MyFUJIFILM, part of FUJIFILM , has 80 years of experience in photographic products. They have high quality products and we definitely recommend making your photobook of your past vacation here. You probably still have a vacation of which all photos are somewhere on your phone or camera, but of which no book has been made yet. Otherwise, we recommend you to create your next photobook here to immortalize your experiences and share them with others!