How to get into the perfect ibiza vibe?

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands. It is characteristic as a party island, hippie island and relax island. Ibiza gives a certain feeling that cannot be defined. It therefore stands for a certain way of life. Below we will give you tips on how to best get into the perfect Ibiza vibe.

Ibiza vibe

Ibiza was flooded with hippies in the last century. On the paradise island with a nice atmosphere, everyone could party, enjoy life to the fullest and thus escape the oppressed atmosphere of the mainland. Nowadays there are not so many hippies anymore, but there are still certain customs that are still in force on the island.

Enjoy tapas to be a true Ibiza resident

In the city you can enjoy the impressive city wall and you can go shopping at some markets or in the shopping street. To get into the Ibiza vibe, it is recommended to go into a bar to enjoy tapas.

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Visit Ibiza in a free state of mind

The best thing to do to get into the perfect Ibiza Vibe is simply go with flow, relax and don’t stress. Most people visit Ibiza to chill. It is a paradise and with its many beaches, you can really take some time for yourself. But how to make sure you are prepared to visit Ibiza to go on this vacation being relaxed?

  1. Make a packing list before packing your suitcase. To get some inspiration, you can take a look at the packing list we made for a city trip.
  2. Depart on time, so you do not miss your flight.
  3. Make sure to bring music earpods and a sleeping mask to take some rest in the airplane.
  4. Do some research beforehand about the travel information you need to know.
  5. Stop working on time before traveling. Maybe take a day off before you leave.

These tips will help you to start your holiday without having stress. When you finally arrived on this island, you can come into the Ibiza vibe by adapting to the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

Meet the locals

By meeting locals, you can learn the language a bit to make sure you can communicate easier with other people on the island. Furthermore, some locals can lead you to the most beautiful hidden gems. This way, you will discover unknown places and know more about the history of the country.

Enjoy the sunset

Ibiza has the best sunsets in the Mediterranean. Go to a beach club and enjoy a panoramic view on the best sunset spot with a bohemian vibe. A DJ will take care of the music, the weather will probably be great and you can enjoy amazing drinks like cocktails.

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Bohemian Style

Ibiza clothes are full of different patterns and colors, mostly inspired by different cultural backgrounds. By wearing unique accessories, you will fully meet the characteristics of the Bohemian Style.

Ibiza dress

The most important thing is a loose fitting that allows freedom of movement and expresses comfort. This is essential for a free spirit. Want to be completely prepared for traveling to Ibiza? Then make sure you have some Bohemian style dresses in your suitcase.