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City Trips

Tips, inspiration and recommendations

In these blogs we will give you inspiration and tips for unique and stunning city trips all over the world.
To read blogs about more cities to visit in a specific country, we recommend navigating to the specific country in the navigation menu. You will be able to click on the country name and see all the blogs about different cities to go to for that specific country!

City Trip to Valencia, Spain?

architecture, valencia, city science-2219681.jpg

We have been to Valencia and wrote a blog about some amazing things to see in this great city. Check it out!

Must-sees in Milan, Italy?

We went on a 4-day citytrip to Milan in Italy! We wrote about the 18 must-sees in this amazing city.

Duomo Square in Milan, Italy
Sacre coeur in Paris, France

What to discover in Paris, France?

We have been to Paris for solely one day to discover the city of love. We wrote about the 18 most amazing things to see in this beautiful city!

Why visit New York?

Skyline of New York, United States

We wrote a blog about 14 amazing things to do in the biggest city of the USA: New York. Go check it out!

Highlights of Rome, Italy

We have been to Rome and we would love to share all our recommendations with you about where to stay, eat and what to visit! (coming soon).

Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Bundestag, parliament Berlin

Sightseeing in Berlin, Germany

We wrote a blog about the 10 most interesting things to do during a citytrip in Berlin, Germany. Go check it out!

More traveltips for citytrips

Looking for more? Well, there is more! Here we will post our general travel tips for going on a city trip.

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Packing list

Want to know what you should pack / take with you when going on a city trip? We wrote a blog about it! You can download and print the packing list and check off what you’ve already packed.

What is the perfect moment to go on a city trip?

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We will tell you what’s the best time to go on a city trip. (wait for it!)

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How to save money on your city trip?

Want to go on a city trip but you also want to go on holiday during summer? It may be possible if you save some money on your city trip! In this blog we will give you 10 tips to save some money.