The 10 most beautiful lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland has a lot to offer. It is famous for its mountains, but it also has beautiful lakes! In this blog we will write about the 10 most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. Enjoy reading!

#1 Vierwaldstättersee

This beautiful lake is located near the Swiss city of Lucerne. The lake is surrounded by the giant Alps. Thus, it is possible to use the world’s steepest cable car to reach the top of one of the mountains for a magnificent view of the lake. Also be sure to visit the city of Lucerne, which is very focused on tourism.

#2 Lake Geneva 

This lake is one of the largest lakes in Europe in terms of surface area! It lies on the border between Switzerland and France and is characterized by its tremendous tranquility. The area does have some nice cities, such as Geneva.

lavaux, lake geneva, switzerland-6763006.jpg

#3 Lake Thuner 

This lake is located on the northern edge of the Alps. It is located near the town of Thun and offers breathtaking views of the water. On this lake is also the castle of Oberhofen, be sure to visit here for a beautiful photo of this 12th century castle.

lake, flowers, thun-3648713.jpg

#4 Lake Neuchâtel 

This is the largest lake located entirely within Switzerland, so there are plenty of viewpoints to be found along this lake. Remains from prehistoric times show that prehistoric man also visited this lake and during that time the brown bear could also be found in this area!

alps, lake, middle country-4217243.jpg

#5 Brienzersee

This lake, like the Thunersee, is located on the northern edge of the Alps. Because this lake is not nutrient-rich, it features tremendously clear water. Nevertheless, it is possible to catch fish there, but it is not the most suitable lake for an afternoon of fishing.

brienz, mountains, alps-2707606.jpg

#6 Lake Constance

Around Lake Constance there is a huge amount to see. For example, you have several islands, such as island Lindau and island Mainau that you can visit! Especially take a look at the Rheinfallen, the largest waterfall in Europe. It is absolutely possible to spend several days around this beautiful lake.

#7 Blausee

Compared to the other lakes, the Blausee is a somewhat smaller lake. It is located in the Kander Valley, at a whopping 887 meters above sea level. The lake is especially easy to reach by bus and has tremendously clear water.

#8 Caumasee

When the water level of this lake is low, the water warms up faster than in other lakes in Switzerland. Therefore, swimming in this beautiful lake can be done early in the year. So be sure to bring your swimsuit or bikini when you visit this lake. By the way, the area is also perfect for exploring on foot or by bike!

#9 Silsersee

This lake is located in an area with many huge mountains. From these mountains there are many beautiful views of the lake. Fun fact: this lake is the largest natural lake in the Alps higher than 1,000 meters.

#10 Lake Maggiore

Finally, Lake Maggiore. This lake is located partly in Switzerland and partly in Italy. In the lake there are some nice islets, on some of these islets there are even ruins of medieval castles. Explore this lake by boat to sail past the beautiful islets!

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