The 8 amazing things to do on the island Ibiza

Ibiza is a Spanish island belonging to the Balearic Islands. Besides the nightlife, thanks to the many parties and clubs, the best beaches where you can relax and sunbathe can also be found here. That’s not all, because there are also sights you don’t want to miss! We listed 8 amazing things to do on the island Ibiza below.

#1 Hippie markets

There are many hippie markets on Ibiza, including Las Dalias in San Carlos and Punta Arabi in Es Canar. It is a cozy place with live music, but you can also buy many products, such as cute jewelry, wooden signs, clothes, colorful bags and figurines. There is a bar where you can have a refreshing drink, but it is also possible to taste local dishes!

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#2 Salt Fields of Ibiza (Las Salinas)

These salt fields are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is a popular place to spot flamingos in the summer. The famous salt “Sal de Ibiza” is extracted here, making it a nice souvenir to buy on Ibiza. 

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#3 Buscatell

Buscatell is an authentic village on Ibiza. Es Broll is a river that flows through the valley, which turns into several canals that irrigate the land. There are beautiful orchards, a waterfall and a beautiful old bridge. There is also a more than 200-year-old water mill “Molí d’en Tiá” that uses the water to power machinery. Few tourists visit this place, making it a beautiful piece of Ibiza that cannot be found anywhere else. 

#4 Caves

There are many caves on Ibiza, some of which are open to the public, for example Can Marca. This is the largest cave on Ibiza. It is a fun sight and occasionally there is a light and sound show here. Another fun cave is near Es Vedra. This is a small hippie cave, but here you have the very best view of Es Vedra (read #5). There is a mattress and a guest book where you can read or write stories. In addition, it is decorated with things that people leave there.

#5 Es Vedra

One of the most famous sights on Ibiza is Es Vedra. Es Vedra is a rocky outcrop 400 meters high. It is a rocky islet formed from limestone, metals and minerals and emits a huge magnetic field. This is one of the most magnetically powerful places on Earth. It seems that compasses near Es Vedra get disturbed. From the cave (see #4) you have a beautiful view of this rock.

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#6 Stonehenge of Ibiza

This work of art, called “Time and Space” is a large sundial constructed of 13 detached pillars, the tallest of which is more than 20 meters high. In the middle, the top is covered with 23-carat gold to represent the sun. It is a perfect place to watch sunset or sunrise and the stonehenge itself is wonderful. 

#7 Eivissa

Ibiza Town Eivissa is a town with a long history and is a World Heritage Site. Eivissa was one of the first cities in Europe. There is a lot to discover in this city, namely a market, brightly colored houses, narrow streets with restaurants, a cathedral and much more!

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#8 Most beautiful beaches

Ibiza has many different beautiful beaches. Cala Conta is perhaps the most beautiful beach on Ibiza with beautifully clear waters. Cala Escondida is a hidden beach where it is less crowded, as most people do not know this beautiful beach. Cala Bassa is a perfect beach for snorkeling. In addition, there is a nice Beach Club here. Cala d’Hort is a very wide beach with a beautiful view of Es Vedra (see #5). There are also some restaurants here for a snack or drink. Sa Caleta is known for the red rocks surrounding the bay. People rub themselves with red clay here, as it is said to be good for your skin. There are many more beautiful beaches on Ibiza, so more on that later in another blog!

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The weather on Ibiza

Ibiza has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers. July is the sunniest and driest month, with the sun shining as much as 11 hours a day. Ibiza has an annual average of about 2,700 hours of sunshine, so it can be called a sunny vacation destination. It is therefore important to cover yourself well with sunscreen, not to dress too warmly, but also to drink plenty (of water). 

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