Best islands to visit in Greece

Greece has more than 250 inhabited islands. It is therefore ideal to island hop between these Greek Islands. In this blog, we will tell you more about the best Greek Islands to visit during your vacation! You can choose to go to several islands, but you can also choose one, because there is plenty to do on such an island! Moreover, all the islands have beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe and relax.

#1 Santorini

This is a group of islands that belongs to the Cyclades. Santorini is the most popular and beautiful Greek island. There are many beautiful villages here with white churches with blue roofs, narrow alleys and beautiful views. The landscape of Santorini was formed by the eruption of a volcano. Therefore, this island has no white beaches, but black beaches with volcanic ash.

santorin, greece, architecture-766679.jpg

#2 Corfu
corfu, sea, beach-165565.jpg

Corfu is also an island and not just one, as it is one of the greenest Greek islands. The island has beautiful nature, as well as interesting sights and authentic villages. In addition, there are beautiful white beaches and the weather is often beautiful. It is therefore a popular sun vacation destination. For example, you can also visit the Korission Lagoon, Corfu’s largest lake. With luck, you can spot flamingos here.

#3 Zakynthos

On this island you can enjoy snow-white beaches with clear blue sea and impressive cliffs. It is one of the most popular vacation islands in Greece. Laganas Bay is one of the most important breeding grounds for sea turtles in the Mediterranean region. In addition, Navagio Beach is another well-known attraction of the island. Here you will find the high cliffs and a shipwreck.

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#4 Rhodes
lindos, acropolis, rhodes-3749809.jpg

Rhodes is the most visited Greek island. Rhodes city is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. There is also a butterfly valley where butterflies go to flee from the heat. It is a beautiful nature, there are many butterflies and it is less hot. Lindos is a very touristy place on this island. This village is on the coast and is built on a hill with a beautiful castle on top. In short, there is a lot to do here!

#5 Crete

On Crete you can hike in the Samaria Gorge and in the Imbros Gorge. There are beautiful hiking trails with beautiful rock faces on both sides. On Crete you can also check out archaeological excavations (they are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List) in the historic city of Knossos.

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#6 Kos

Kos is an island with many historical sites. On this island you can visit several towns and villages and the nature is very suitable for hiking or cycling. It is therefore a popular vacation destination for young and old. There are warm mineral-rich water springs where you can relax with a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea.

#7 Lesbos

On Lesbos there are also beautiful (mountain) villages, nice towns, beautiful nature and wonderful beaches. Lesbos also offers delicious food. On Lesbos, there are many olive groves and the island is therefore known for its high-quality olive oil products. The landscape is very varied, namely from green valleys, beautiful bays, olive groves, mountains and hills to pine and oak forests.