The best route through North Italy and San Marino

We mapped out a roadtrip route through North Italy to discover the most beautiful places in Italy. During this route you will discover popular sights in beautiful cities. During this 17-day roadtrip you will visit Milan, Venice, Pisa, Florence and more! See and read more about this route below. 

route through North Italy

A. Milan (Beginning) -> B. Venice -> C. Bologna -> D. San Marino ->
E. Florence -> F. Pisa -> G. Genoa -> H. Turin -> A. Milan (End)

What to discover during this route through North Italy?
#A Milan (2 nights)
castello sforzesco, sforza castle, milan-4388404.jpg

#B Venice (2 nights)

Venice, the city on water, is known for its Grand Canal on which you can make a gondola trip. This is something you can’t miss when you’re in Venice! However, there is so much more to see and do in this wonderful city. There are a lot of beautiful
coloured houses which makes it very Instagram-worthy. It is also a nice place to go shopping and spot beautiful sights.

venice, rialto, italy-2085864.jpg

#C Bologna (2 nights)

You will stay 2 nights in Bologna, so that you have enough time to discover this beautiful place. Bologna is a place with less tourists, but it is definitely worth visiting. In Bologna you can visit the seven churches of Santo Stefano, you can climb the Asinelli tower and see the Neptune Fountain. However, there is much more to see! 

#D San Marino (2 nights)

San Marino is one of the smallest states of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This country is an enclave and is completely surrounded by Italy. It is therefore nice that you can also visit this country during your roadtrip route through North Italy. San Marino has three impressive fortresses. We recommend you climb up and explore the three towers to have a wonderful experience and enjoy a breathtaking view. 

#E Florence (2 nights)

Florence has magical bardini gardens in which you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view over Florence, smell lots of flowers, and visit the Kauffeehaus to enjoy a cappuccino or gelato (ice cream). When looking at this beautiful skyline of Florence, you can’t miss the Duomo, Florence’s cathedral. It is definitely worth visiting the inside of this beautiful church, since it has a lot of mosaic pavements. 

florence, italy, dome-2314879.jpg

When driving from Florence to the next destination, Pisa, you can visit Pinocchio Park. This park represents the fairy tale using art, greenery and architecture. It is nice for families to visit this park with their children and make sure your children won’t lie, otherwise their nose will grow! Just like Pinocchio’s. 

pinocchio, figurine, wooden-1939779.jpg

#F Pisa (2 nights)

Pisa is known for its leaning tower. A lot of people take pictures here looking like they can stop the tower from falling. It looks quite funny, since people are standing a few huno dred meters in front of the tower. Thus, it takes a lot of effort to make it fit perfectly in the picture. It is a beautiful tower. Pisa is also a nice city to go shopping or enjoy other sights, such as the Verdi theater, the rounded Piazza dei Cavalieri and more!

leaning tower of pisa, pisa, tower-1546249.jpg

#G Genoa (2 nights)

Genoa is a beautiful place to stay, since you can visit a lot of beautiful churches here. You can also visit Genoa’s Royal Palace. When in Genoa, you should also visit the massive wall Porta Soprana. It was to enclose the city and protect it from attacks. After having visited the sights, you can also relax or go for a swim on Boccadesse beach. Genoa is definitely worth visiting during your roadtrip route through North Italy!

genoa, fontana, italy-5072277.jpg

#H Turin (2 nights)

There are a lot of things to see and do in Turin. In this city, you can discover two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely the Royal Palace of Turin and the Royal Armory. The Royal Armory is one of the most important weapon museums in the world. For the soccer fans, you can visit the Allianz stadium and museum here from the football club Juventus. 

#A Milan (1 night) 
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