The most beautiful nature of Sweden

Sweden has a beautiful versatile landscape where you can encounter wild animals, such as moose, where you can kayak or swim in the clear lakes, where you can take beautiful walks in the forests and where you can even see the northern lights! In this blog we will tell you all about the nature of Sweden.

#1 Dalarna
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Dalarna is a landscape full of forests and it has clear lakes and typical Swedish red wooden houses. You can spot wild animals here, such as moose. Furthermore, you can enjoy nature here by hiking, canoeing, biking or swimming in the lake!

#2 Jämtland Härjedalen

This region is located in the middle of Sweden and here you will find beautiful landscapes. This region is not very well known, but it offers many opportunities to enjoy the mountainous landscape. You will find beautiful lakes, rivers and deciduous and pine forests where you can enjoy kayaking, hiking or mountain biking. There are also quaint villages to visit!

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#3 Vildmarksvägen

This is the 500 km Wilderness Route and is one of the most beautiful roads in Sweden. It is incredibly high and it has many beautiful places to offer. You can spot moose and bears here and enjoy beautiful views during your stops.

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#4 Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park is one of Sweden’s most famous national parks. This park covers an area of 77 km² where you can spot Scandinavian wildlife and enjoy the beautiful nature. Hike along fjords, canyons, waterfalls, lakes and caves. In winter, you can do great skiing here!

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#5 Hällingsåfallet waterfalls

These beautiful waterfalls in Sweden are definitely worth a visit to Sweden! Here water flows down from 43 meters high. A beautiful hike takes you to the waterfall, which consists of several parts. An 800 kilometer long gorge here has several places where the water flows into the depths.

#6 The Northern Lights
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You could see the Northern Lights in Sweden from about mid-September to the end of March. You can usually see them first in northern Sweden, in the region of Kiruna. In winter and later in the year, the Northern Lights are also good to admire in Swedish Lapland. For those who do not know exactly what this beautiful natural phenomenon is: it is electrically charged particles that enter the Earth’s magnetic field at great speed, creating a beautiful “light show” in the sky with different colors. Definitely worth seeing!

#7 Sarek National Park

This is Sweden’s largest national park with over 100 glaciers. Here you will find unspoiled nature and therefore there are no marked hiking trails. There are also beautiful rivers and green valleys in this mountainous landscape.

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#8 Småland

In this region, nature is idyllic! The hilly landscape, as much as 50% is dotted with forests and there are about 5000 lakes in this region. You can hike, mountain bike or enjoy yourself on and by the water everywhere here. You can swim without problems in all waters, because the water in the lakes of Sweden is very pure.