The most beautiful roadtrip route for Yucatán

A. Cancún (Beginning) -> B. Isla Holbox -> C. Valladolid -> D. Mérida ->
E. Campeche -> F. Bacalar -> G. Tulum -> H. Playa del Carmen -> A. Cancún (End)

What to discover during this route for Yucatán, Mexico?

#A Cancún (2 nights)
cancun, mexico, beach-1228131.jpg

Cancún is the perfect place to dive and to go snorkeling. This is one of the most popular things to do in Cancún. The water is crystal clear and the sand is snow-white. Here you can relax by sunbathing on the beach, go to a beach bar or enjoy local food in one of the nice restaurants. For the party animals among us, you can spend your evenings or nights in one of the many clubs of Cancún.

#B Isla Holbox (3 nights)
flamingo, bird, nature-4497673.jpg

#C Valladolid (3 nights)

Valladolid is a very nice place to stay, since there is a lot to see and do in or near Valladolid. Valladolid is a city full of colorful buildings, historical colonial churches and beautiful nature. There are some cenotes near Valladolid in which you can cool off. A cenote is a swimming hole carved into limestone bedrock by spring water. It’s a beautiful place to go to for a relaxing swim. When staying in Valladolid, you can visit Chichén Itza. This Mayan Ruin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. About 1,5 hours driving from Valladolid, you can visit a small fishing village, named Rio Lagartos. Here you can find 400 species of birds including pink flamingos! You’ll also find Los Coloradas, which are salt flats with a shade of pink due to types of algae, plankton and shrimp living in these salty waters. 

mexico, chichén itzá, pyramid-3774303.jpg

#D Mérida (2 nights)

Before entering Mérida, you can drive through Izamal. Izamal is the yellow city in Yucatán, since there are a lot of yellow buildings. It is definitely worth stopping by before going to Mérida. Mérida is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mexico Yucatán Peninsula. You can find numerous beautiful buildings, perfect cafes and restaurants, but also chic shops in this city. There are street food stalls, many colorful homes, and pretty parks in which you can go for a nice walk.

#E Campeche (2 nights)

Campeche City is one of the 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico. Campeche is known as one of the most colorful cities in Mexico, because homes, cafes, churches and shops are painted in every color of the rainbow. You can take beautiful pictures here and enjoy local Campeche food in the restaurants. 

#F Bacalar (3 nights)
#G Tulum (1 night)
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Tulum is a popular beach town with many activities. One of the activities you can do is snorkeling with sea turtles. You can also explore more Mayan Ruins in Cobá (48 km from Tulum). Last but not least, you can visit the Sian Ka’án biosphere reserve, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a beautiful preserved area in which you can see wildlife in the wild. You can visit dolphins, turtles, a lot of birds and manatees. 

#H Playa del Carmen (2 nights)

Before going back to Cancún, you will stay two more nights in Playa del Carmen. You can laze on the beautiful beaches, go snorkeling here or go to La Quinta Avenida, which is Playa del Carmen’s main street. You can find nice restaurants, shops, bars, street performers and plenty of souvenir shops.

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#A Cancún (1 night)

Unfortunately this beautiful trip will come to an end when you arrive in Cancún. You will stay one more night here and the day after you have to go to the airport to fly back. You can enjoy the beaches one more time, relax or see what you still wanted to see.