The most beautiful roadtrip through Andalusia, Spain

We mapped out a roadtrip through Andalusia, Spain to discover the most beautiful places in this region. During this route you will discover popular sights in beautiful cities. During this 15-day road trip you will visit Seville, Malága, Cadiz and dwarfstate Gibraltar.

Raodtrip in Andalusia, Spain

A. Seville (Beginning) -> B. Córdoba -> C. Jaén -> D. Granada ->
E. Malaga -> F. Ronda -> G.  Gibraltar -> H. Cadiz -> A. Seville (End)

What to discover during this route through Andalusia, Spain?

#A Seville (2 nights)
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Seville is the capital of the region Andalusia. You will find beautiful buildings and nice squares where you can eat delicious Spanish tapas. Some buildings that should definitely not be missed are: the cathedral, bell tower La Giralda, Plaza de Toros and Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador. You can reach these buildings on foot, but public transportation is also easily accessible in Seville. Both buses and trams take you easily to the other side of the city.

#B Córdoba (2 nights)

Few people will know this, but Córdoba is the hottest city in Europe with annual temperatures above 35 degrees. The center of this beautiful city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it also has a protected status. One of the city’s biggest attractions is Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos: a medieval palace surrounded by beautiful gardens.

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#C Jaén (1 night)

Jaén is a slightly smaller city in Andalusia, so staying here for 1 night is sufficient. The most beautiful sight of this city is the Santa Catalina mountain. On top of this mountain is a castle, the special thing is that it is possible to stay overnight in it. There is also a beautiful cathedral and a nice little church in the city. Definitely a nice stopover during this trip through Andalusia.

#D Granada (2 nights)

Granada is one of the biggest student cities in the south of Spain and is therefore also a very lively city. A real must during your visit to this city is the El Albaicín district. This is an old Arab neighborhood, which dates back to the time when the Moors ruled this area. You will find a lot of history here and there are also a number of buildings, such as a bathhouse, from that time still standing.

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#E Malaga (2 nights)

This city is located on the Costa del Sol, and because of its location by the sea, it suffers less from extreme heat than other cities in Spain, such as Cordoba. In the surroundings of Malaga there are many mountains. On one of the slopes is the Alcazaba Málaga, a former Moorish fortress. Remnants of the Moorish government palace can be found here. If you have a little more time in your schedule, El Caminito del Rey is an absolute must. These world-famous hiking trails form a total of 7 kilometers of route against the rocks of the Gaitanes Gorge, including 3 kilometers of footbridges.

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#F Ronda (1 night)

Like Jaén, this is a slightly smaller city, but is well worth spending a night in during your road trip through Andalusia, in part because of its beautiful nature. Among other things, the El Tago gorge is insane to look at, but the old town is also worth a visit.

#G Gibraltar (1 night)

This dwarf state officially falls under the United Kingdom, making it a separate territory. The area is best known for the Rock of Gibraltar, which is home to many Barbary apes. A fun stop during this road trip through Andalusia.

gibraltar, mountain, landscape-105751.jpg

#H Cadiz (2 nights)

Cadiz is a nice port city in Andalusia. The city is more than 3,100 years old, making for beautiful old squares. The city is also known for its beautiful beaches and cathedral. It is possible to explore the city by bike, which is great fun to do!

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#A Seville (1 night)

After 15 days, the tour of Andalusia has almost come to an end. One more day to spend in Seville. One more time Sangria, tapas, or any of the other typical Spanish refreshments and then go home with wonderful memories.

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