Top 10 amazing things to see in Gouda

Gouda is known for its Dutch Gouda cheese, making it a fun place to visit when you are in the Netherlands. However, there is much more to see and do in this beautiful city! We will tell you all about the things to see in Gouda.

#1 The Town Hall

Gouda’s beautiful city hall is located in the middle of the square. This is one of the oldest Gothic town halls in the Netherlands and comes from the fifteenth century. It is a beautiful building where you can now host parties, but in the past the civic hall was used to weigh and sell meat. After that, it was also a butter hall for a long time. It is possible to go inside for a fee and take a look. The town hall is also known for its chimes. This takes place on the side of the building every half and full hour. The doors of the chimes open and a melody plays for 2 minutes. 

Things to see in Gouda

#2 De Goudse Waag

This is a historic building, now a national monument, from 1668. Like the Town Hall (see #1), this building is located on the Market Square. It is a Cheese and Crafts Museum and Gouda’s tourist office is located here. Here you can learn about the history of cheese, the production of cheese and, of course, you can taste a piece of cheese! What else to see in Gouda? Keep reading!

#3 Sint-Jans Church

The Sint-Janskerk is the longest church in the Netherlands and is especially famous for its Gouda glasses (stained glass windows). It is a Gothic-style church. It is a beautiful church to see and it is also possible to go inside for a fee. On Saturday afternoons you can then enjoy the most beautiful musical sounds here weekly at 4:00 pm.

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#5 Canals of Gouda

One of the things to see in Gouda, are the Gouda canals. These are among the most beautiful canals in the Netherlands. Gouda is a true city of water and has beautiful canals where you can also take a canal trip on a barge. The skipper will tell historical facts and anecdotes during the trip. 

#6 The Gouda Cheese Market

Gouda is the cheese city of the Netherlands. The city is known for its delicious Gouda cheese. On every Thursday from April through August (except Ascension Day) at 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the Gouda Cheese Market still takes place on the Market Square. As in the past, farmers and cheese merchants then make a price by Handjeklap. There are singing choirs, dance groups and a barrel organ. There are also other stalls making syrup waffles and poffertjes and practicing old crafts. It is well worth taking a look and seeing how cheese used to be bought and sold. 

#7 Corn Mill De Roode Leeuw

This corn mill is the largest of the still existing Gouda mills. Built in 1727, it is one of the oldest corn mills in our country. Traditional grain and flour products are still produced in this mill. The miller grinds, crushes, mixes and sifts grain for his own store next to the mill. In the store, baking ingredients, bread baking mixes , cake and cookie mixes, as well as nuts and seeds and flours sold. It is a beautiful old mill to see.

#8 Shopping in Gouda

Gouda’s shopping street is located in the Kleiweg. Here you will find well-known stores, such as the H&M, the Hema, The Sting and more. There are also souvenir stores where you can buy typical Dutch souvenirs. There are also a number of cheese stores you can see in Gouda! How could it be otherwise in this cheese town. On Thursdays and Saturdays there is a market in the center of Gouda with about thirty to forty stalls. 

#9 Syrup Waffle Factory

The well-known Dutch syrup waffles are originally a recipe from Gouda. Gouda is famous for its delicious cheese, but also for its syrup waffles. You can find the tastiest ones at Kamphuisen’s. This baker has been baking them according to the original recipe since 1810. In this store you can of course buy a fresh syrup waffle to taste it. However, there is also a syrup waffle factory you can visit. Here you can learn about how they make these Gouda syrup waffles and you can also move the dough bowl yourself, taste the latest flavors of syrup and ask all kinds of questions to the bakers during the tour. Definitely worth a visit!

#10 Museum Gouda