Top 10 what to bring when you go to the beach

When you go to the beach, it is important to be well prepared. After all, it is often hot and not always close by, so you need to bring the right stuff to keep you entertained, protected from the sun and, for example, to be able to swim. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list below of 10 things you should definitely bring when you go to the beach!

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#1 Towel
#2 Swimwear

To be able to swim in the sea, it is important to bring a bikini, bathing suit or swimming trunks or put them on under your clothes so you can go in the sea. If you don’t like swimming or can’t swim, swimwear is still useful for sunbathing! It is comfortable and it allows your skin to catch most of the sun’s rays.

#3 Sunscreen

When you go outside and especially when you go sunbathing, it is important to apply sunscreen properly. We recommend doing this ahead of time, but also taking the sunscreen with you because you need to apply it more than once in a day. Especially if you have been swimming, it is important to reapply afterwards.

#4 Slippers

Nothing is more annoying than sand in your shoes and/or socks. We recommend wearing or bringing flip-flops. It is not a big deal if these get wet and you can easily take them off when you go out on the sand. It is also handy to have slippers on when the sand is too hot under your feet. In short, definitely indispensable!

#5 Surfponcho

#6 Sunglasses

It is wise to also bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. In this case, sunglasses not only provide protection from the sun, but also from the sand that can blow into your eyes.

#7 A reading book or beach toy

If you spend a long day at the beach, it is obviously fun to swim in the sea, look for shells, but it is also a perfect time to read a book. Usually you may not get around to reading a book or magazine, but on the beach you can enjoy reading a book while sunbathing. It is also fun to go kite flying, beach tennis, volleyball, soccer, build sandcastles or throw a ball in the water, for example.

#8 Cooler bag with food and drinks

When you go out for a day, it is important to eat and drink well. Now although there are eateries, it is often quite expensive to have to buy everything. It is convenient to fill a cooler bag with some bottles of water or other drinks and to bring some sandwiches yourself.

#9 Beach tent or umbrella

It is wise not to sit in full sun during the hottest part of the day. There is often no shade on the beach, so we recommend creating your own shade with a beach tent or beach umbrella! It is sometimes also possible to rent these somewhere.

#10 Beach bag

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