Top 7 beautiful places to visit in Japan

Japan is a country made up of thousands of islands, with a number of large islands making up 97% of Japan’s total area. In total, the country has over 120 million inhabitants, some 40 million of whom live in Tokyo. This makes Japan’s capital the country’s biggest tourist attraction. However, Japan has much more to offer, which you can read about in this blog about the top 7 beautiful places to visit in Japan. Have fun reading!

#1 Tokyo

Let’s start right away with the capital of Japan: Tokyo. As mentioned above, this is a very popular attraction among tourists. This metropolis has a lot to offer, from impressive sights to fun markets; you can find it all in Tokyo. There are plenty of unforgettable things to do here, such as go-karting along various sights, visiting the beautiful teamlab Planets Tokyo museum and seeing the Sensoji temple. If you’re going to Tokyo for a few days, read up well. After all, there is an enormous amount to do and it is good to be clear on what you absolutely want to have seen in this wonderful city.

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#2 Kyoto

Had enough of Tokyo’s modernity and bustle for a while? Then visit the cultural capital of Japan: Kyoto. This city has a special story. In fact, it has been the capital of Japan a number of times. The emperors who were in power at the time had all these beautiful buildings built, which are now designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Furthermore, you will find a huge number of beautiful temples and you can learn a lot about the history of Japan, highly recommended!

ginkaku-ji temple, gardens, kyoto-1464542.jpg

#3 Okinawa

Want to spend some time enjoying wonderful beaches and beautiful waters, but also learn more about Japan’s history? Then visit the islands of Okinawa. Many people don’t know it, but one of the fiercest battles during World War II was fought here. The battle lasted almost 3 months and took the lives of a total of over 94,000 soldiers. You can still find much of this on the island, but it is also a wonderful place to enjoy the tropical climate and beautiful views.

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#4 Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain and can even be seen from tall buildings in Tokyo (in good weather). The mountain is a volcano located over 100 kilometers from Tokyo. The volcano has not been active since 1709 and can therefore be climbed. Note that this is only possible in July and August. The mountain has a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List and plays an important role in Japan’s culture.

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#5 Hiroshima

Japan is a country with a great history, and Hiroshima is one of the prime examples of this. During World War II, the United States detonated the first atomic bomb ever here. The city was largely destroyed by the atomic bomb and the disaster caused a huge number of casualties. It is very impressive to walk around here, especially after visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Here is a tribute to the more than 140,000 victims as a result of the atomic bomb.

japan, hiroshima, dome-5262891.jpg

#6 Nagasaki

Nagasaki is traditionally a port city in western Japan. There are a number of attractions here, including a very notable one. Namely, a theme park called “Huis ten Bosch” has been built here. A mix of Dutch cities has been made in this park, famous buildings from some of the cities have been recreated and all the streets around them have also been made in Dutch style. Besides this funny sight, there is also an imposing mountain to be found near Nagasaki: Mount Inasa. This can be climbed on foot and provides you with a beautiful view of Nagasaki.

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#7 Nara

In Nara, you will find countless temples. These temples are fun to visit, but there is a factor that makes it even more fun. Namely, among these temples there are a thousand deer roaming around. Be respectful to the animals: they have a sacred status in this city. In fact, according to a legend, they protected the city as messengers of the gods.